In the summer of 1981 I realized that many patients coming to my new Spokane cardiology practice drove long distances for their doctor appointments. Most of these patients had primary care providers in their home communities, but any specialized diagnosis or care required a trip to Spokane.

I got in my car and started driving to the offices of those local primary care providers, asking if it would be beneficial for the medical specialist to travel to the local communities instead of expecting the patients to make the trip. I received warm welcomes from both the local primary care providers and the patients, introducing a new era of providing medical service to the residents of the Inland Northwest.

Over the years, technological advances have provided easily portable diagnostic equipment and medical communication possibilities that allow me to increase the quality of cardiac services I bring into the patients’ communities. I have a strong referral network for accessing cardiac diagnostic services and treatments that I am not able to make locally available.

CardioVascular Institute continues the commitment I made over three decades ago to bring quality cardiac care to patients as near to their homes as possible. Dr. Romeo A. Pavlic´